Service Learning Through Sending Cards

During this time of COVID-19, Columbia County 4-H wishes to challenge you to help someone near to you deal with the current social distancing that everyone is experiencing. Everyone goes through those times where they experience darkness and need a pick me up, a thank you, or a simple, I’m thinking of you. Even if there weren’t a pandemic going on around us right now, sending a greeting card could absolutely brighten someone’s day enough that you are able to completely turn things around for them!

Ways to send a card

Right now it can be difficult to make it to a store to purchase greeting cards. There’s still a few different ways that you can still send someone that ray of sunshine:

  • Order greeting cards online from an online supplier. There are gobs and gobs of places online that you can order greeting cards from and have them mailed to your house.
  • Send an e-card. Yeah, they aren’t quite as special as getting a good old fashioned printed and signed greeting card but they can still brighten someone’s day. Search online and many companies offer them free or paid.
  • Send a video. Yes, its not a typical greeting card. But who’s to say you can’t format it just like a greeting card? You can say something just like the front of a card would read. And then add a swipe of the screen (through video editing of course) and say what the inside of your “card” says. Sign it off with “Love, Johnny.”
  • Make a card. You’re not too old to do some good old card making. Yes, you used to do it for mother’s day gifts at school but you’re much more mature now and your artistic skills have certainly inclined. Grab a sheet of paper, some crayons, color pencils, or markers and get to doodling!
  • Create a photo card. You can do this tons of ways. Collage photos together using a photo app and add words to it. Take a photo of you holding a piece of paper. Or add together photos of multiple people holding pieces of paper! You can text it, post to social media, or even print (you could even frame it) and mail it to that person you think it would help the most.


What Do I Need to Think About?

You’ll need to thinking about just a few things: knowing the person, picking a great card, and doing the best you can in the handwriting department (if you aren’t typing the card). If you need some pointers for any of that, check out Life Skills in a Minute: Sending a Card and you’ll get all in info you need on mailing one.

Let us know what you did!

Once you decide everything, share with us! Post on social media #4HCaresEnough and tag @Florida4H and @ColumbiaExtension. We want to hear all about it and see the great products that you are able to come up with! We also always want to be able to count you when we are bragging across the nation about the great things our youth have done! Share what you did here.

Now, we challenge you, Send a Greeting Card!


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Posted: May 14, 2020

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