Heat, Hydration, and Dehydration: Sources of Water

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Water is essential for life. Water helps your body use vital nutrients, helps your body get rid of wastes, and helps you maintain a normal body temperature. Our bodies are made up of mainly water-about 60% water. https://www.eatright.org/food/nutrition/healthy-eating/how-much-water-do-you-need

Water matters to the body with climate changes and the high temperatures we experience. Heat can negatively impact your health. Mindful water intake is a priority for each of us.

Reach for water when you are thirsty.



Sources of water

Our daily water intake comes from many different sources. Water-rich foods such as soups, fruits, and vegetables, can also provide your body with water. Just plain drinking water is the best source. Strive for approximately 8 glasses per day. NOTE: Water needs vary from person to person and can vary with activity. Milk, soup, juice, fresh fruits, vegetables, coffee and tea all contain water. In addition, MyPlate recommends making ½ of your plate fruits and vegetables every day for the many nutrients and fiber they provide. Staying well hydrated is very important.



Watermelon and strawberries contain about 90-99% water. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2908954/table/T1/ Consider taking whole fruit, slices, or chunks of cut up fruits and/or vegetable sticks on the go, as snacks. Carry water with you throughout the day. Drink a full glass of water with every meal.

Maintain an adequate hydration status. Enjoy this warm and sunny summer.


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Prevent Dehydration-Drink Water Often   https://sfyl.ifas.ufl.edu/media/sfylifasufledu/broward/docs/pdfs/fcs/other-pdfs/PREVENT-DEHYDRATION–DRINK-WATER-OFTEN.pdf


Safe Drinking Water During an Emergency- https://blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/browardco/2021/02/17/consume-safe-drinking-water-during-an-emergency/


MyPlate Vegetables- https://www.myplate.gov/eat-healthy/vegetables


MyPlate Fruits- https://www.myplate.gov/eat-healthy/fruits


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About this series

This blog series was written to inform and inspire the reader to stay hydrated, prevent dehydration and/or heat-related illnesses. As temperatures rise, so does the risk to our health. Extreme heat is a threat to our well-being. It is important to make sure you are giving your body enough water to keep it functioning at its best. These tips and considerations can improve the quality of your life and potentially save lives.


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Posted: July 18, 2022

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