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Prevent Dehydration in Broward-Drink Water Often

It is hot out there! Some days are scorching. Everyone needs water every day to ensure that we are properly hydrated.

Water is essential for life.

Water helps your body use nutrients, helps your body get rid of wastes, and helps you maintain a normal body temperature.

Our environment seems to be getting warmer and warmer every year, making mindful hydration a priority. Reach for water when you are thirsty.Our daily water intake comes from many sources. Water-rich foods—such as soups, fruits, and vegetables— can also provide your body with water. Just plain drinking water is the best source. Milk, soup, juice, fresh fruits and vegetables all contain water. In addition, MyPlate recommends making ½ of your plate fruits and vegetables everyday for the many nutrients and fiber they provide.

Staying well hydrated is very important.

Bring water with you when on the go.

Water is calorie-free, sugar free, fat-free, caffeine-free and it can be cost free. Fill a clean, reusable water bottle and take it with you to quench your thirst throughout the day. Reusable bottles are popular, easy to use and better for the environment. If you prefer bottled water, the cost goes up. Remember to recycle your empty plastic bottles.

Pay special attention to the fluid needs of small children, senior adults and people who are very active. Workers in construction, landscaping, sanitation or restaurant settings, among others, often are faced with hot working environments year-round. These hot working conditions can increase the risk for developing heat-related illnesses.

Drink plenty of water if you are very active, live or

work outside in Broward or have special needs.

Low fluid intake or dehydration can cause:

• difficulty swallowing
• extreme thirst
• rapid pulse
• dry mouth due to low saliva production
• headaches
• fatigue
• loss of appetite
• dry eyes
• confusion
• dizziness
• muscle cramps
• kidney stones

If your body is unable to cool off by sweating, you can develop a heat-related illness. A friend of mine recently passed out from heat exhaustion and subsequently went to urgent care only to be told she was dehydrated. Heat-related illnesses can be very serious and can even lead to death. Heat-related illnesses include heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. The quicker you can recognize and treat these symptoms and conditions, the better.

If you suspect you have a heat related illness,

seek medical assistance or call 911.

The daily fluid intake suggested by health care professionals is approximately 8-9 cups for women and 13 cups for men. The amount individuals need varies depending on their body weight, activity level, and overall health.

Tips for maintaining adequate water intake:

• Start your day with a cup of water.
• Fill and carry a reusable water bottle that you can refill throughout the day. Add ice to keep the water cool.
• Use water intake trackers or downloaded apps to help you monitor your daily fluid intake.
• If you have trouble drinking water throughout the day, aim to drink one or two cups of water with each meal.
• Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
• Keep a gallon jug of water nearby. It is easy to remember to drink water when the source is visible. You can also see how much you drink in a day as the water level decreases.
• Drink a full glass (8 ounces) of water when you take your medication(s).
• Drink at least 1–2 cups of water, during and after time spent outdoors.
• Re-hydrate after exercising.
• Keep a large water bottle at your desk or work space.

You can live for weeks without food.

You can only survive a few days without water.

Everything you eat, and drink does matter. Focus on variety, portion control, nutrition and hydration. Make wise food choices and drink plenty of water!

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