Florida-Friendly Landscaping Certified Professional: A New Certification Program for the Landscape Management Industry

Are you in the landscape management industry looking to expand your professional qualifications? If so, consider the Florida-Friendly LandscapingTM Certified Professional (FFLCP) program. This new University of Florida/IFAS certification program trains landscape management professionals to apply sustainable landscape management practices that preserve and protect Florida’s water and natural resources such as the Indian River Lagoon. The certification will allow you to stand out as a leader in your field, earn the respect of your peers and clients, and learn ways to protect the environment! Read more about the certification requirements, and benefits below, as well as find links to sign-up for curriculum modules and the upcoming Field Module/Exam opportunity that will be held at UF/IFAS Extension Brevard County on June 2. Hope to see you there!

What is the Florida-Friendly LandscapingTM Certified Professional program?

The FFLCP designation is for landscape professionals who have demonstrated knowledge of FFL principles and current UF/IFAS recommendations. The FFL program offers FFLCP training in partnership with UF/IFAS Extension offices throughout the state. FFLCP’s are able to recognize and address common landscape issues and respond with sustainable landscape management practices that preserve and protect Florida’s water and natural resources.

As a FFLCP, you will have access to resources including:

  • Technical information you can use in creating Florida-Friendly landscapes
  • A certificate of qualification with the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Certified Professional logo
  • Opportunity to be listed in the FFL statewide directory of Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Certified Professionals
  • The FFLCP logo, which you can use to promote your expertise in sustainable landscape design and maintenance

What are the steps to certification?

To become a Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Certified Professional, you must complete three steps. First, FFLCP candidates must complete online courses, which are available on-demand. Once you have completed the online courses, you will need to take the field module and exam. These are offered in-person at locations throughout the state. The FFLCP field module takes 3 to 4 hours to complete, including classroom and field training and the exam. The classroom training reviews FFL principles. Then, during the field training, the class visits a local landscape. There we review site conditions, identify what is/is not FFL, identify invasive plants and weeds, and discuss recommended management practices.

To register for the prerequisite online courses, visit https://ffl.ifas.ufl.edu/ffl-and-you/ffl-professional-certification/.

The Field Module/Exam will be offered on the Space Coast on June 2, 2022. Register here: https://bit.ly/FFLCP_Brevard

To find another class location, reach out to your local Extension office or submit a class request online.

Once you have taken the online and field modules and passed the exam, the last step is to sign the FFLCP code of ethics.

**Adapted from: Yvette Goodiel, UF/IFAS Extension Martin County, blog post, Posted: January 28, 2022: https://blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/martinco/2022/01/28/landscape-professionals-add-florida-friendly-to-your-resume/



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Posted: March 15, 2022


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