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Cupaniopsis anacardioides
Carrotwood Leaves

Carrotwood is an evergreen tree that can reach heights above 30 feet. This unique tree has a dark outer bark but an orange inner bark, hence its common name of Carrot-wood. This species is native to Australia and can be found around central/south Florida, particularly in the Miami-Dade region.

This tree is a Category 1 invasive species in Florida and should be removed from public and private lands. Although we have not seen northern distribution of the tree yet, it could potentially spread with the help of wildlife, especially migratory birds.

Carrotwood Fruit

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Wild Weeds is a monthly spotlight written by Alicia Halbritter, Baker County Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent. Wild Weeds highlights plants you may find in Florida on the roadside, while hiking, in the forest, or possibly even in your yard. Searching for more information on a particular plant? Email Alicia at for more information/questions.




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Posted: April 1, 2020

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