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Screenshot of Backyard Poultry Basics Class listingLooking to get started with raising backyard chickens or just trying to learn more? This course offers a beginners guide to raising chickens for eggs and covers topics such as breed selection, housing, egg care, and much more. 8 guided modules with a range of course content for you to complete at your own pace. Certificate of completion offered after passing the final quiz. Certificate can be used to fulfill educational requirement for many cities Backyard Hen Permit.


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Raising Backyard Chickens for Eggs


By Mary Henry, Jessica Ryals, Alicia Halbritter, and Derek Barber

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It’s easy to see why more people today are raising their own backyard chicken
flocks – they’re a great source of fresh eggs and a fun way to learn about caring for animals, self-sufficiency, and connecting with where our food comes from. And with planning they can even provide a source of trade or income.


This UF/IFAS Extension guide is a concise introduction to raising your own backyard flocks – including information on local ordinances, building coops, feeding your chickens, protecting your flock from predators, selecting breeds, gathering eggs, keeping your birds healthy and more. Whether you want to start a business, bring eggs to the breakfast table or welcome new pets into your family, this book is the perfect starting place.
32 pp.

Raising Backyard Chickens for Eggs


Raising backyard chickens is an increasingly popular way to explore self-sufficiency, connect with how our food is produced, and gain experience for future dabbling in food production. Besides producing quality eggs to eat and share, raising chickens can be an enjoyable pastime for youth and adults alike. Those considering launching a small farm business including poultry may also be interested in starting with a few backyard hens to build their knowledge and experience. This publication is designed primarily for those considering raising backyard chickens for eggs for personal consumption. Resources for additional information on eggs for sale or larger scale production are also provided.

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