UF CALS Awards Alexis Tilton Undergraduate Advisor of the Year

University of Florida College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Recognizes ANS Faculty and Staff for Exemplary Teaching and Advising:

The UF Department of Animal Sciences takes pride in announcing that Alexis Tilton has been honored with the prestigious University of Florida College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) Undergraduate Professional Advisor of the Year Award. Tilton’s journey and contributions to the university community make her an example of excellence in academic advising.  

Tilton joined the Department of Animal Sciences as an undergraduate academic advisor in January 2022. However, she was no stranger to the department. Tilton earned her bachelor’s degree in animal sciences here at UF in 2017. This experience has allowed her to bring a unique perspective and understanding of the department’s culture and values. This connection to her alma mater serves as a strong foundation for her advisory role. As a student, Tilton served as the President of Gator Collegiate Cattlewomen and a member of Block and Bridle. It comes as no surprise that she continued this involvement in her current capacity, as an advisor for the Gator Collegiate Cattlewomen and the ANS Ambassador team, showcasing her commitment to supporting the next generation of animal science enthusiasts.

As an advisor, Alexis not only provides academic guidance but also strives to build a sense of community within the department. Her familiarity with the student organizations she once led allows her to connect with students on a personal level, creating an environment where they feel supported and encouraged to excel in their academic and extracurricular pursuits. 

Taylor McKinney, a current ANS senior, ANS ambassador, and past GCCW president, says that Tilton, “fosters a welcoming atmosphere by empowering and encouraging students from diverse backgrounds to engage with opportunities within the department.”

In addition to her responsibilities in academic advising, Tilton spearheaded the UF ANS Have You Herd Program. This initiative offers high school students a firsthand experience as a UF Animal Sciences student, allowing them to immerse themselves in the daily routine of a student. The program has proven to be a success, effectively attracting prospective students to the department while simultaneously educating aspiring animal scientists and agriculturalists about the diverse opportunities our department has to offer. 

The University of Florida Department of Animal Sciences extends heartfelt congratulations to Tilton on receiving the University of Florida College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Undergraduate Professional Advisor of the Year Award. Her journey, from a dedicated student to an accomplished academic advisor, is an inspiration to the entire university community. Tilton’s commitment to education, leadership, and community involvement embodies the spirit of excellence that we cherish within our department. We look forward to witnessing her continued success and positive impact on the lives of students at the University of Florida. 

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Posted: February 27, 2024

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