University of Florida Ram Test and Sale

By: Dr. Brittany Diehl, DVM, MS

Here in “The Swamp”, we currently have our third annual UF Ram Test ongoing this summer at the University of Florida! This program is designed to standardize environmental conditions to evaluate and quantify individual ram performance in the harsh southeastern US, with a primary emphasis on natural parasite resistance and growth.

This is a forage-based ram performance test where the rams have continuous access to Bahiagrass pastures and are supplemented 2% of their body weight daily with the ‘UF Ram Test’ concentrate ration. Upon entry to the program, all rams receive anthelmintics to ensure the rams entered into the test do not harbor drug-resistant parasites. Those that do not achieve adequate fecal egg count (FEC) reduction are disqualified due to harboring anthelmintic-resistant parasites. After the 12-day acclimation period, the rams begin the 84-day gain test. Throughout the test period, measurements of body weight, body condition score, FAMACHA score, and fecal egg count will be obtained.

New this year, both registered and commercial rams are eligible for the test and sale. Eligible rams must have been born between 12/1/22 – 2/15/23 and weaned by 5/1/23.  Sale eligibility is based on both fecal egg count and growth indices during the test period. The final requirements for sale eligibility include achieving a ‘satisfactory’ breeding soundness evaluation. Sale order priority will be given to rams registered within a recognized breed association, followed by commercial rams.

For full program details and current data collection parameters on rams enrolled in our 2023 ram test, please visit our website.

Important 2023 dates:

  • June 15 84-day gain test began
  • September 7 84-day gain test ends
  • September 29-30 Small Ruminant Short Course and UF Ram Test Sale

This program is open to any breeder/consignor in the United States and we welcome your participation and an opportunity to work with you.  We encourage your participation and attendance at our 2023 Small Ruminant Short Course and Ram Test Sale on September 29-30th here in Gainesville, FL.  There will be numerous high-quality rams for sale at our auction who demonstrated the ability to perform in the harsh Florida climate.  These rams will be sold to the highest bidder through an online auction format with Willoughby Livestock Sales.  The sale will be open for 24 hours, beginning on Friday, September 29th at 11 AM and closing on Saturday, September 30th at 11 AM.  The sale rams will be available for in-person viewing on September 29-30th during the Small Ruminant Short Course at the UF/IFAS Horse Teaching Unit, 1934 SW 63rd Ave., Gainesville, FL 32608.

If you are interested in consigning your ram(s) next year to our test, please keep an eye out for our announcements regarding eligibility and registration next spring.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this year’s test or upcoming events: Clay Whitehead at (904) 796-0441, email, or Dr. Brittany Diehl at (352) 294-4387, email

close up of two rams in pasture Group of rams in a pasture

2023 Rams

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Posted: August 4, 2023

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