American Meat Science Association Recognizes UF/IFAS Faculty and Student

The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) recognized both a UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences (ANS) faculty member and graduate student with significant awards from their organization.

Tracy Scheffler, UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences Assistant Professor

Tracy Scheffler, Assistant Professor of Muscle Biology, was awarded the 2021 Achievement Award along with two of her peers. This award is meant to recognize and foster development of AMSA members early in their career who have demonstrated significant skills and contribution to both the animal products industry and the AMSA.

“I was definitely surprised,” Scheffler said. “There were a lot of wonderful candidates who could have received it, so I feel very honored and a little shocked that I was recognized.”

Scheffler’s lab is one of the few labs in the world focused on improving the quality and palatability of Beef from Bos Indicus influenced cattle. Her research is leading the way to answering questions posed by the industry related to the thermotolerance of Bos Indicus cattle.

“We look at early post-mortem metabolism, you don’t necessarily think of what happens to the muscle after the animal is harvested, but it doesn’t instantly become meat, there’s a process,” Scheffler said. “The muscle kind of struggles to stay alive. It actually takes hours to reach rigormortus, and so we are looking at all the changes that happen in the muscle through that process and how that can impact meat quality.”

Chad Carr, associate professor in ANS, nominated Scheffler for the award and explained she is a gifted teacher, conscientious advisor, innovative thinker, detailed researcher, and exceptional scholar.

“Dr. Tracy Scheffler is making significant contributions to the advancement of science, animal agriculture, and the meat industry,” Carr said. “She is a well-respected scholar, speaker, and academician who is an outstanding ambassador of our industry.”

Kylie Philipps, UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences Graduate Student
Kylie Philipps, UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences Graduate Student

Kylie Philipps, UF/IFAS ANS graduate student, was awarded the 2021 AMSA Student Teaching “Cleaver” Award. According to the AMSA, this honor is awarded to a graduate student who is resilient in teaching abilities, breaks through to students and enhances their own knowledge. Philipps works to be transparent with her students and allow them to take in a wealth of knowledge to form educated opinions.

“I think as the instructor it’s my job to give them the facts,” Philipps said. To show them the process and letting them see first-hand with their own eyes. Then allowing them the space to form their own opinions.”

Todd Thrift, an associate professor in ANS, has mentored Kylie throughout her time at UF and believes she is highly deserving of this distinguished award.

“I have seen no one (MS or PhD) that could compete with Kylie Philipps on any level,” Thrift said. “She will make a huge impact on the meats industry in Florida and the United States. Her passion is education, and she is deserving of this high honor.”

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Posted: July 18, 2021

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