UF/IFAS Animal Sciences’ Mentor Month: Emily Miller-Cushon

National Mentoring Month serves as a time to recognize the many faculty members, like Emily Miller-Cushon, UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences (ANS) Associate Professor, who serve as mentors to our graduate and undergraduate students. These individuals have a significant influence on students’ experience before and after graduation.   

Emily Miller-Cushon currently teaches one graduate course, one undergraduate course, and acts as one of three advisors for the Dairy Science Club. Miller-Cushon also has four graduate students who have research projects focused on the relationships between management, behavior, and welfare in livestock.  

One of the graduate students under Miller-Cushon, Emily Lindner, has been under her advisement since beginning her master’s program in 2020. Lindner is now perusing her Ph.D. where she is studying the effects of early life social housing in dairy heifers. She said Miller-Cushon has pushed her to try things outside of her comfort zone, including teaching an undergraduate course, allowing her to grow professionally.  

“She has always been there to provide support and feedback in all parts of my program,” said Lindner. 

Miller-Cushon (second from right) with her graduate students at a conference.

 Sara Hettinger, a senior Biology student, has been involved in the Dairy Science Club since starting at UF in 2019. She has served as President of the club for the past two years. Hettinger said Miller-Cushon strives to improve the experience of an animal sciences student on a graduate and undergraduate level.  

Her support for the Dairy Science Club and the Florida International Dairy Academy has helped spur the recognition of UF as a premier institution for dairy education,” said Hettigner. 

Miller-Cushon with Dairy Science Club members during Family Day at the Dairy Farm.

According to Hettigner, Miller-Cushon has a true passion evident in her mentorship. She says Miller-Cushon continues to welcome undergraduates into her research program with open arms. Although her graduate students play a key role in guiding the undergraduates, Miller-Cushon’s mentorship shines through their leadership states Hettinger.  

“She has instilled in her graduate students the same values of mentorship and learning, creating professionals who are ready to pursue any career path,” said Hettinger.  

Miller-Cushon with calves at the Dairy Calf Unit.

To connect with or learn more about Dr. Emily Miller-Cushon, visit her faculty profile on our website.

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Posted: January 25, 2023

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