UF/IFAS Animal Sciences Study Abroad: Greece

In May, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) Ambassadors spent nearly two weeks studying abroad in Greece and Canada. Nineteen ambassadors ventured on this trip, including four Animal Sciences (ANS) students. They were accompanied by Dr. Charlotte Emerson, CALS Director of Student Development and Recruitment, Mrs. Cathy Carr, CALS Director of Alumni and Career Services, and Mrs. Amie Imler, ANS Lecturer and CALS Ambassadors Alumna.

The purpose of this trip is for students to explore agricultural systems in other countries. One ANS student, Gina Tran, embraced her time abroad and had some advice for students interested in a study abroad experience.

“It will diversify your knowledge and perception of the world and that is something you can take back to your school and your surrounding environment,” Gina said. “This will allow you to grow as a person and that’s the best thing you can do for yourself.”

In Greece, they walked the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, lodged in the mountains of Delphi, explored a marble quarry, trollied to Aegina Island, taste-tested at an olive oil farm, toured the IEK Praxis Vocational Training Institute, and shopped at an open-air market. While in Montreal, Canada, they went on history tours, attended a tulip festival, and enjoyed their free time shopping in the 20-mile underground city.

Group shot of students with walls of marble in the background
“We got to see the process of making marble from start to finish. The mountain that they mined marble off of was huge and stunning, even as raw marble.” – Gina Tran

ANS student, Callahan Register, really enjoyed the open-air market. She described it by saying, “All of the meat was prepped and carcasses hanging in the open so you could get your own selection of any type of meat or size you preferred, they had fruits and vegetables plentiful, and the spices available for purchase smelled amazing. I loved this visit because it illuminated the culture’s understanding and relation to food.”

Sausage hanging above a table with a variety of meat cuts
The group visited an open-air market in Greece

Imler really enjoyed the educational aspect of visiting IEK Praxis. While touring, they learned about the greek agricultural industry, wine production, and modern production methods. Plus, they were served delicious meals cooked by the culinary students.

This was Imler’s third study abroad trip with the CALS Ambassadors, one of which was during her undergrad here at UF.

In her experience, she says, “Studying abroad deepens your perspective of the world and different cultures and helps you become a more well-rounded citizen.”

Amie Imler and Gina Tran holding pots of tulips posed in front of rows of tulips
Mrs. Amie Imler and Gina Tran at the Tulip Festival in Montreal, Canada.

Gina Tran offered more advice to students who are thinking about studying abroad.

“Just go for it. It will be an experience like no other. You only have a short window to travel with faculty, staff, friends, and peers that you know from your school,” Gina said.

Students who may be interested in studying abroad should contact their academic advisor or visit the UF Abroad website.

Imler and ANS students doing the gator chomp in front of the mountains in Greece
Imler and ANS students brought UF pride to Greece!

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Savannah Linzmaier
Posted: July 22, 2022

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