Bickett Genetics, Inc. Seeking Farm/Donor Manager

Bickett Genetics, Inc. of northwest Georgia seeking Farm/Donor Manager. Bickett Genetics is an American Embryo Transfer Association certified bovine embryo transfer business that provides embryo transfer services throughout the southeast. Additionally, the company operates an approximately 150-head Gelbvieh purebred herd.

A self-motivated candidate is required. Successful applicants will be responsible for managing the donor facility/farm by performing the following duties personally:

  • Responsible for the care and management of all cattle in the facility – a background with animal husbandry skills is important
  • Responsible for all donor & recipient injections including heat detection and breeding
  • Responsible for maintaining a comprehensive record keeping system for all cattle activities utilizing Microsoft Excel for the following:
    • Cow inventory
    • Treatment records
    • Cattle sold
  • Responsible for maintaining a comprehensive record keeping system utilizing Microsoft Access for the following:
    • Semen inventory
    • Embryo inventory
  • Responsible for keeping registrations and transfer activity current with American Gelbvieh Association and the American Angus Association
  • Responsible for the general maintenance of land and buildings including mowing, weed-eating, barn and equipment cleaning, fence repair, and general building repair
    • Must keep the farm & grounds presentable to the clientele
    • Appearance is of utmost importance -i t is not something to do when time allows; it must be done always 
  • Responsible for general maintenance of all trucks and equipment including servicing of vehicles, washing, etc. 
  • Responsible for directing and coordinating activities required to provide hay for the cattle including baling &/or purchasing
    • Position is responsible for ordering feed and mineral
  • Responsible for communicating and coordinating with clients to include donor breeding, scheduling, and flush results
    • If at any time, there are questions or concerns with the client that you are unable to answer, it is your responsibility to forward this concern to Dr. Bickett
  • Other duties may be assigned
  • Education and/or Experience:  Bickett Genetics will provide any further education necessary to perform this job which may include clinics and/or classroom experience; AI technician skills preferred but not essential at start
  • Computer Skills Must be skilled in Excel and Access
Position will open in late April 2017. New graduates and students graduating in spring 2017 are encouraged to apply. 
For questions regarding the position, please contact Todd Bickett, DVM via email:
For more information on Bickett Genetics, please visit their website:

Posted: February 16, 2017


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