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The Living On My Own Financial Education Program Comes to Wakulla on August 2!

What is Living On My Own?

Living On My Own (LOMO) is a hands-on, real-life simulation.  In this activity,  youth experience their futures in a fun and exciting way.

During the program, participants learn how to make healthy and wise lifestyle choices similar to those adults face on a daily basis. The program is a partnership among UF/IFAS Extension Programs, community partners, and schools.

On August 2, 2019, participants will enjoy a day of excitement and discovery. Youth ages 11 to 18 are welcome. The one day camp will run from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Registration for the day is free. Lunch and snacks are provided during the day.

How does Living on My Own work?

Prior to the hands-on activity, UF/IFAS staff and volunteers prepare students with money management basics. Parents can expect their child to learn about budgets, checkbooks and credit.

What happens during the Living On My Own Simulation?

During the hands-on activity, students will be given life roles to play. Each role assumes youth are 25 years old as well as primary or sole support of their household. Youth choose an envelope at random which includes an occupation and monthly gross income. Participants make routine deductions for taxes and medical expenses.

The envelope also describes their family situation (married or single, with or without children), their credit history and their checkbook and debit card. Using sample checks and registers, youth learn how to record and manage their bank accounts. Students move from one station to another, making spending choices that include essentials like housing, transportation, insurance, and more.

After each spending decision, students will write a check or use a debit card then subtract the amount from their registers. They may also receive a “Life Happens” card which represents unexpected expenses and incomes encountered in real life.

Stations Simulate Real Life

Stations for the simulation represent real life businesses and will be staffed by local business leaders, UF/IFAS staff, and volunteers.

After completing the program, students will increase their awareness of day-to-day cost of living and how to make wise consumer choices.

Financial Literacy

Financial education is vital to youth success in the future. Learning about money and economics is an important life skill.

National standards for Financial Literacy have recently been established. Many states have mandated Financial Education in public schools. Living On My Own in Florida supports these standards and serves as a program for students to apply the life skills learned in financial education courses.

For more information about National Financial Education Standards, visit the Council on Economic Education page on the National Standards for Financial Literacy.

To Register For This Free Event

To register in 4-H online, visit the Wakulla 4-H camp page on this site for instructions. Follow the instructions for camp registration. Youth must be current 4-H members or they can register for a FREE short-term member status to participate in the August 2 event.

2 Comments on “The Living On My Own Financial Education Program Comes to Wakulla on August 2!

  1. Any chance you will offer this again soon in Wakulla County?

    • Hi Stephanie!

      Yes, we are planning on having another Living on My Own workshop in Wakulla County. We have not yet decided a date, but please stay tuned to this blog and our Facebook page for more information. We will definitely share the date when it is decided.

      Thank you,
      Samantha Kennedy
      Family & Consumer Sciences Agent
      UF/IFAS Extension Wakulla County

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