Ten NATA graduates receive ‘Certificate in Natural Areas Management’ in 2023

The Certificate in Natural Areas Management (CNAM) is offered by the Natural Areas Training Academy (NATA) to individuals who complete the four NATA ‘core’ courses and one wildland fire training. NATA offers courses on practical, field-oriented management techniques to prepare natural resource professionals to manage Florida’s natural areas.

To date, 182 natural resource professionals in Florida have graduated from NATA with their Certificate in Natural Areas Management. Graduates represent >60 different state, federal, county, and city agencies; private and non-profit organizations; universities; and military.

Graduates for 2023

In 2023, the 10 recipients are Florida natural resource professionals representing 2 state agencies, 2 county governments, 3 non-profit organizations, and 1 private company. The journey to achieve this certificate can take up to a year or longer and so we want to recognize these individuals for their hard work, dedication, and give them a round of applause!

  • Jennifer White – Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • John Kelly – Florida Department of Health
  • Dean Gemeinhardt – Volusia County
  • Tim Treece – Sarasota County
  • Mark Manning – North Florida Land Trust
  • Rianna Elliot – North Florida Land Trust
  • Emily Dunn – North Florida Land Trust
  • Lauren Day – The Conservation Fund
  • Nathan Bullian – Alachua Conservation Trust
  • Dale Dowling – Breedlove, Dennis & Associates

NATA Courses

The NATA core courses may be completed in any order, there is no time limit to complete the series, and you can enroll in only 1 course if you like. For each course, 8 hours of online work is followed by 2 days in-person. Workshops are held at various sites throughout Florida, and each is purposefully matched to provide expert field instructors, optimal teaching facilities, and proximity to natural lands. Each course is offered once per year, in addition to several basic wildland fire courses. Go to the NATA calendar to see our upcoming courses for 2024, as well as descriptions below:

For more information about NATA and the Certificate in Natural Areas Management, please visit the NATA website here.


Posted: December 19, 2023

Category: Natural Resources, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: Certificate In Natural Areas Management, NATA, Natural Areas Training Academy, Shelly Johnson, UF/IFAS Extension

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