NATA welcomes new director, Dr. Shelly Johnson

After serving as the NATA director from 2008-2021, Dr. Holly Ober has accepted a new position as the Associate Dean for Science Outreach and Program Leader for Forestry and Natural Resources Extension at Oregon State University. We greatly appreciate Dr. Ober’s dedication to maintaining NATA as an exceptional resource for professional development in sustainable management of natural areas in Florida.

The new NATA director, Dr. Shelly Johnson, is the State Specialized Agent in Natural Resources with UF/IFAS Extension. scientist holding bat She received her Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 2015, with research focused on the tradeoffs among wildlife diversity, social value, and ecosystem services of wildlife habitat in Florida forests. In 2016-2017, Dr. Johnson served as the NATA workshop coordinator, and is eager to lead NATA. In her role as statewide extension agent and joint faculty in the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, she is also developing additional programs focused on wildlife conservation in Florida.

While all of us are still recovering from the 2020-2021 cloud of unpredictability, NATA is dedicated to continuing to provide training opportunities. Now that the dust has settled and the new NATA director is in place, we will be developing our fall schedule and updating the NATA calendar soon. Opportunities will likely include 2 fire trainings and 1-2 core NATA courses.

To stay informed regarding upcoming NATA training opportunities, join our listserv or visit our website to learn more about NATA.


Posted: August 5, 2021

Category: Natural Resources, Professional Development, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: NATA, NATA Director, NATA Trainings

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