Speaking up to protect transgender youth

Florida is working to block consensus standards for medical care for transgender youth. Our IDEA Committee led a group of >600 members calling for evidence-based policy & established healthcare for transgender youth.

Over 300 Florida healthcare professionals, led by experts at UF, have also spoken out about the flaws in this policy and the harm it will do to Florida’s children.

Prohibiting healthcare based on gender identity creates a hostile climate for LGBTQ+ members of the UF community & those with LGBTQ+ kids in their families. It is important for the University of Florida to actively communicate the actual state of biomedical research and medical best practice.

Therefore, we are calling on the UF administration to actively and publicly support evidence-based healthcare policy, to push back against the proposed ban on transgender youth healthcare, and to actively support their doctors, faculty, staff, and students in doing the same.

Our IDEA committee includes Dr. Bette Loiselle, Lameace Hussain, Keara Clancy, Dr. Vanessa Hull, Dr. Mark Hostetler, Dr. Ethan White, and several others. Dr. Emily Khazan (who recently graduated; congrats Emily!) was also a key member of the group that wrote this statement.


Posted: June 7, 2022

Category: Natural Resources, Work & Life
Tags: #WEC, Protect Trans Kids, Protect Transgender Youth, Trans Rights, UF Wildlife

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