CALS Graduating Student Profile: Candace Fuhrmann

Candace Fuhrmann knew she wanted to help wildlife, particularly wolves and other endangered predators. She came to UF/IFAS CALS to major in wildlife ecology and conservation, because she believed it was the best program to prepare her to accomplish her goals.

Fuhrmann’s most memorable experience as a CALS student was her internship at Wolf Park in Indiana. She learned first-hand about canid behavior as well as species interactions and the importance they play in the ecosystem. The family Canidae includes domestic dogs, wolves, coyotes, foxes, jackals and dingoes, to name a few. Through this internship, she was able to interact with grey wolves, foxes and a coyote daily and share her knowledge with the public.

“Shortly after an event ended (at my internship), I was putting away equipment when one of our wolves started solo howling,” Fuhrmann said. “I answered her with my own howl and it wasn’t long before that started a pack rally howl! These experiences will never be forgotten!”

In her advice to current and future CALS students, Fuhrmann encourages others to utilize the network of faculty and staff in the college.

“They are more helpful than you might imagine and will do their absolute best to get you where you need to be,” Fuhrmann said. “If there is something you want to do but are unsure of how to approach it, I’m sure someone, if not multiple people, will step in to help. Pick something you have always wanted to do, and make it happen!”

After graduation, Fuhrmann plans on working in wildlife educational outreach or rescue.

The wildlife ecology and conservation major focuses on developing students’ knowledge of the conservation and management of wildlife and habitats for the greatest aesthetic, ecological, economic, and recreational values. Students study biology, chemistry, ecology, calculus, soil science, plant taxonomy, entomology, geography, zoology, and sustainability. Find a CALS major that suits your interests by taking our majors quiz. You can also find information regarding our undergraduate and graduate programs on our website.


Posted: December 11, 2019

Category: UF/IFAS Teaching, Wildlife
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