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Prepared by Elaine A. Courtney, 2013
Okaloosa County Extension
FCS Agent


Ways to Participate in America Saves Week 2013

  • Sign up to participate at http://americasavesweek.org
  • Participate in monthly calls for Extension-2nd Tuesday of the month, 3 p.m. Eastern

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Schedule program during ASW 2013
  • Incorporate “Saves” into regular programs
  • Participate in Extension “webinars” scheduled for ASW
  • Promote the new “Financial Challenge” which begins during ASW
  • Hold special events
  • Media releases
  • Social Media
  • Enroll Savers as part of programs
  • Enlist co-workers to do something for ASW


  • 3 Keys to Successful Savings-ready to use power point and handouts
  • America Saves Week resources for participating counties
  • Financial Challenge-news release, flyers, on-line challenge.
  • Webinars-free enrollment, flyers to promote


Webinars scheduled for 2013:

Jan 9 – Small Steps to Health & Wealth
We will discuss practical, doable steps you can take to improve your health and finances. We will also discuss how you can participate in the Small Steps to Health & Wealth Challenge.

Jan 17 – Calendar – Based Budgeting
We will discuss how to achieve financial goals, build a spending plan, and reduce spending leaks.


Saves Week Webinars:

Feb 26 – 3 Keys to Successful Savings
We will discuss how to set SMART goals, find money to save, make a savings plan, and choose the right savings accounts for your goals.

Feb 27 – Goal – Based Investing
We will discuss how to use a goal-based investment strategy to achieve financial goals. Our discussion will include how to effectively develop a financial plan and choose investment accounts that work for particular goals.

Feb 28 – Tips for Tax Preparation & Filing
Our discussion will include options for free tax filing, tax credits & tax deductions, and how to analyze your return to help with financial decisions.

March 21 – Building a Strong Credit History
We will discuss credit scores and steps consumers can take to build a positive credit history.


Posted: January 10, 2013

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