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4-H Embryology project

If you have visited Taylor County Primary School recently, you discovered more than just students learning. You also encountered more than 60 fertilized eggs in incubators. Youth in Mrs. Wolfe VPK Class and 1st graders in Mrs. Pam Blue’s class is studying embryology with the help of UF/IFAS Extension Taylor County 4-H.

Through the 4-H Embryology project, students hatched chicks in the center and witnessed the exciting and wonderful miracle of life. Students also took on the responsibilities of caring for the fertilized eggs during the 21-day incubation period and the baby chicks after they hatched. Students began the 21-day journey by getting their incubators ready to house the fertilized eggs. Temperature and humidity are two important variables the students have to monitor throughout the process in order to have a successful hatch. Each day students keep records while carefully monitoring the eggs. At the end of the 21-day cycle, the hope was to have the eggs hatch. Students then cared for the chicks.

What is learned?

The 4-H Embryology project teaches students about science and respect for life. Children have a natural sense of curiosity about living things in the world around them. Building on this curiosity, students can develop an understanding of biology concepts through direct experience with living things, their life cycles, and their habitats.

Many educators believe that students learn best through experiences and interactions with the world. They learn by listening, observing, experimenting, and applying their knowledge to real-world situations. Through the 4-H Embryology project, students develop life skills that help them learn to plan and organize, keep records, and teamwork.

So if you have visited Taylor County Primary School lately and heard a chirp, you know where it is coming from. If you are interested in these or other 4-H programs, visit our website at Taylor County – UF/IFAS Extension (, email: or call the IFAS/Extension office at 838-3508.


Posted: May 2, 2022

Category: 4-H & Youth, Curriculum, Livestock
Tags: Embryology

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