10 Reasons Your Child Should Attend 4-H Camp Cherry Lake

As a parent, have you ever asked the question, “Why should I send my child to 4-H Camp Cherry Lake”? Many parents reply to this question with justifications as to why their child may not be ready by stating, “Will they be safe?” “My child is irresponsible”, “What if they get tired or homesick?” or “They may not like the living environment” These are just a few reasons parents are hesitant to send their child to camp. What the parents don’t realize is that the child is ready for a week of camp. If they get homesick they will live, and everyone needs to be adaptableComplete Group of Camp Cherry Lake campers.

At 4-H Camp Cherry Lake, your child will have a safe memorable camp experience. All activities and education programs are taught or led by University of Florida 4-H Staff. All summer staff is American Red Cross Certified in First Aid, CPR, and lifeguard certification. Campers will be supervised by teen counselors and co-counselors that are selected by the 4-H agent and have at least six hours of camp leadership training.

As a 4-H agent, I always get asked the question, “Why 4-H Camp Cherry Lake”? My response to the parent is; your child will come home with at least 10 like skills they will learn through the camping experience.Camp Cherry Lake SIgn

  1. Independence– Campers learn to do things on their own, and for many this is a first.
  2. Sense of Belonging– is felt by campers through being identified with each cabin group as well as group learning events.
  3. Time Management– youth are required to stay on the camp schedule for the week. Cherry Lake campers
  4. Positive Role Models– camp staff, counselors, and co-counselors exhibit leadership qualities that campers will embrace the week of camp, such as, how to respond to someone who is not doing what you necessarily like by talking the child through the problem.
  5. Socialization Skills– are gained by youth constantly communicating with each other over meals, through camp songs, and activities.
  6. A Week Away From Electronics– Kids spend a week in active play and enjoy doing it. They participate in the following camp activities: canoeing, kayaking, swimming, recreational games, archery, camp fires, fishing, healthy lifestyle and much more.
  7. Conflict Resolution– is taught experimentally. When a conflict arises, the camp counselor is taught to be a mutual party to never take sides in a conflict and teach the youth hot wo vent their differences and come to a common consensus between campers.
  8. I love 4-h campSelf-confidence– is gained through learning to do things independently. For most campers this is their first time away from their parents for a long period of time. If they are always under their parents, they continue to look for security from that parent. By the camper acting independently for a week, they gain the “I can do this” attitude; whether it be keeping up with a schedule, to keeping up with their belongings, they learn to be resilient youth. 4-h pledge and logo
  9. Self-Discipline– is taught by getting up early and staying up late following the camp schedule and following the camp rules.
  10. Cooperative Living– Campers are required to keep their cabins and camp cleaned by being assigned daily chores.

Summer camp can grow your child in so many ways. Are you convinced? Will your child or grandchild attend 4-H Camp Cherry Lake this year? I hope so and they will be a well-rounded individual for doing so! 4-H Camp Cherry Lake will be June 11th-15th. Please contact Abbey Tharpe at the 4-H office to sign up, 850-838-3508.



Posted: January 26, 2018

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