Keep Your Food Safe When Tailgating

Tailgating is always a great way to spend time with your friends and family before the big game. Food is the constant staple. Whether it is hotdogs or hamburgers, here are a few tips on keeping your food safe.

  • Cook food to a safe minimum temperature to kill any harmful pathogens. Beef, pork, chops and roasts should be cooked at 145 degrees F or higher. Cook raw ground meats at 160 degrees F or higher and poultry to 165 degrees F or higher. Measure the temperature using a food thermometer. That is the most accurate way to measure the temperature.
  • Meat should be cooked completely at home and then reheated and cooked completely at the event. Heat food to 165 degrees F.
  • When you cook all of your food, make sure to eat it within two hours. If the outside temperature is over 90 degrees F, then eat it within one hour.
  • Never use plates or platters that had raw meat on them. Make sure to always use clean cooking ware and utensils.
  • When touching raw meat, avoid touching other foods to prevent cross contamination.
  • Always wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before and after handling food. Moist disposable towelettes, hand sanitizers with 60% or more alcohol concentration and disposable gloves are all excellent in washing your hands or keeping your hands clean.

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Posted: February 2, 2018

Category: Food Safety, Work & Life

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