Homemade Vegetable Pho Soup for 2022 #NationalSoupDay February 4, 2022

Ken’s Veggie Pho Soup

Homemade vegetable pho soup is a delicious Vietnamese dish made with many herbs that can be grown in your own backyard in Florida.  Locally sourced produce used in my soup included sweet basil (Thai basil is also great to add), bean sprouts, cilantro, bean sprouts, garlic, green onion, white mushrooms, ginger root. I found a great 2-for-1 deal on vegetable broth at a local supermarket and it worked great.  You can also make your own. I used rice noodles.  Watch my video below to learn about preparation.

Food Safety

As always, make sure you follow food safety guidelines such as using clean surfaces and utensils. Remember to wash your hands. Using fresh local produce can add to the deliciousness of your soup, but remember to wash your herbs before use. Herbs such as basil can be grown in your home garden as can cilantro and Thai basil and many of the other toppings you might want to use in your soup.

Video Production

I created this video in my home kitchen using an iPhone and iMovie software. I’m not an expert movie producer, so thank you for accepting my “homemade” video attempt.

So why is soup special to me?

So why am I posting a blog about my homemade vegetable pho soup?  Good question.

Ken Gioeli Extension Agent
Ken Gioeli Extension Agent displaying soup bowls.

I am a ceramics artist outside of my life as a UF/IFAS Extension Agent for St. Lucie County.  It is a skillset that only comes with practice, good mentors and lots and lots of failed attempts at art.  Its also a way for me to completely disconnect.

I joined a group of local potters to throw as many soup bowls as possible for the Samaritan Soup Bowl charity.  I spend a good part of the Summer months making them.  I’ve literally made hundreds of soup bowls over the years.  The charity will then work with local restauranteurs and chefs to make soups, which along with the soup bowls, will be available for donations at venues throughout the community.  Funds raised help displaced families with transitional housing and other needs.

Our theme for 2021 was “Empty Bowls, Full Hearts.” My soup bowl design reflected this theme.  So soup has been important to me for quite a while.  I jumped at the opportunity to work with colleagues at UF/IFAS to conduct the Soup Blitz on February 4th.  I am posting my vegetarian pho recipe because much of it can be grown in your backyard garden.

Soup Bowls Under Construction
2021 Soup Bowl Design. Bowls are thrown on the wheel and edges are distorted. Artist: Ken Gioeli
Finished Soup Bowl
Finished Soup Bowl. The theme for 2021 was “Empty Bowls, Full Hearts” Artist: Ken Gioeli

UF/IFAS Social Media Committee

The UF Social Media Committee Soup Blitz #NationalSoupDay is taking place on February 4, 2022.  During this event, colleagues and the public are using social media to push out information about soup nutrition, recipes, locally sourced meats and produce and other related topics.  Co-leaders are myself, Wendy Lynch, Family and Consumer Sciences Regional Specialized Extension Agent in St. Johns County, and April Martin, UF/IFAS Public Relations Specialist.  Search for these hashtags to find Soup Blitz posts:#NationalSoupDay #FoodIsOurMiddleName

Important Links
Handwashing Guidelines for Elders | Food Handlers | School Children | Caregivers

Food Safety at Home

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Posted: February 4, 2022

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