Making Homemade Pizza on the Barbecue Grill


Floridians love barbecuing. Have you ever tried making homemade pizza on the barbecue grill? Adding Florida fresh produce and herbs from your garden can add to the deliciousness. Watch the video below to learn how.

Food Safety

As always, make sure you follow food safety guidelines such as using clean surfaces and utensils. Remember to wash your hands. Using fresh local produce can add to the deliciousness of your pizza, but remember to wash your herbs before use. Herbs such as basil can be grown in your home garden as can tomatoes and many of the other toppings you might want to use on your pizza.

Grilling on a pizza stone

In this video, I am using a ceramic pizza stone to cook my homemade pizza in my barbecue grill. As a rule of thumb, I put my pizza stone in my grill before turning the grill on. Ceramics can crack if you put a cool stone in a hot grill, so its best to let it acclimate as the grill heats up. I heat my grill to 400 degrees; then slide the pizza on; close the grill lid and try to resist the urge to peak. Ten to twelve minutes is usually adequate cooking time. After use, don’t try to pick up the stone until the grill and stone has cooled.

Video Production

I created this video in my home kitchen using an iPhone and iMovie software. I’m not an expert movie producer, so thank you for accepting my “homemade” video attempt.

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Pizza on the Grill
Pizza on the Grill. Photo Credits: K. Gioeli

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Posted: January 12, 2022

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