Biological Control Successes in Florida

A UF/IFAS publication is available showcasing biological control success stories in Florida. UF/IFAS Research and Extension specialists are addressing the invasive plant and insect problem in Florida. These experts develop integrated pest management techniques that often incorporate the use of biological control agents. Classical biological control, or the introduction of host-specific natural enemies to a new geographic region where a target invasive is established, often reduces the density of the invasive species to a tolerable level. Hundreds of successful biological control projects worldwide support this statement. Classical biological control is one of the safest, most promising alternatives to the use of pesticides and other controls such as manual labor and heavy mechanical removal.

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Biological Control Successes in Florida
Biological Control Successes in Florida by Overhold, W., Cave, R., Minteer, C. 2017. UF/IFAS

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Posted: January 21, 2020

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