What is 4-H Youth County Council?

4-H provides an opportunity for young people to learn and grow as leaders.  One way for youth to do this is through the Seminole 4-H Youth County Council.  But what is it?  How can young people become involved?


What is 4-H Youth County Council?

  1. Group of 4-H members from around the county led by youth officers who meet, discuss, plan, and assist in carrying out 4-H programs and activities.
  2. Link between local 4-H clubs and independent members and the county 4-H program.
  3. Opportunity for 4-H members to learn leadership and assist with county 4-H programs and activities.

Voice of 4-Hers at the county level.


Ways to be involved

  • Come to the monthly meeting. Meetings are the first Thursday of every month (September to May) from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at University of Florida IFAS Extension Seminole County.
  • Be a part of a committee.
  • Plan and assist with 4-H programs, events, and activities.



Committees consist of a small group of members who come together for a specific purpose and goal.  Committee Chairs guide the group’s discussion.  Committees can help develop a sense of teamwork and provide youth a forum to share their voice, plan events and activities, and make recommendations to the 4-H Youth County Council.  Committees meet during 4-H Youth County Council meetings.

Standing Committees: Focus on more involved tasks and meet for a longer period of time (sometimes the entire 4-H year).

  • Programs- decide on what educational programs are offered at 4-H Youth County Council Meetings
  • Ways and Means- fundraising
  • Community Service
  • Public Awareness

Special or Ad-Hoc Committees: Plan and carry-out an activity for a limited amount of time.  When the event, activity, or program is complete, the committee disbands.  In most cases, special committees plan a specific 4-H event or activity.

  • 4-H Thank You Luncheon
  • Fashion Revue and Shae the Fun
  • County Events
  • 4-H Awards


Why participate in 4-H Youth County Council?

  1. Leadership
  2. Teambuilding
  3. Guest speakers and educational programs
  4. Fun and games
  5. Connect with 4-Hers from across Seminole County


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Posted: September 28, 2023

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