2023 Putnam County Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program.

Applications Due June 30th at 5pm.

We are in the final week of accepting applications for the 2023 Putnam County Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program.  Interested individuals should submit their applications by 5pm on Friday, June 30th.

What is a Master Gardener Volunteer?

A Master Gardener Volunteer, often shortened to Master Gardener, is a dedicated individual interested in gardening and giving back to the community.  The Mission of the Florida Master Gardener Volunteer Program is “to assist Extension Agents in providing research-based horticultural education to Florida Residents.”  You can learn more about the Florida Master Gardener Program at https://gardeningsolutions.ifas.ufl.edu/mastergardener/about/.

What does a Master Gardener Volunteer Do?

Master Gardeners assist Extension Agents and their Communities in many different ways.

These include:

  • Ask a Master Gardener and Plant Clinics- Answering questions about plant problems and giving landscape and gardening advice.
  • Designing and setting up educational booths
  • Creating and presenting gardening and landscaping programs
  • Assisting with youth development (4-H and schools)
  • Assisting with community gardens
  • Assisting with annual events like the Putnam County Fair and the Master Gardener Plant Sale

Applying for the Training Program

Although applications are accepted year-round, the cut-off for the current year is June 30th.  Applications after this will be saved for the following year’s Program.  The applications are turned in online via Better Impact at https://bttr.im/km7fr.

What happens after an application is submitted?

  1. Each person who completes an application undergoes a green-level background check.  Our volunteers can work with vulnerable groups, including youth, persons with disabilities, veterans, and the elderly.  We check the Florida and National sexual predator websites, the Florida Dept. of Corrections Offender website, and online wanted persons search.
  2. References are checked.
  3. An interview is set up.  This usually is with the Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator and several certified Master Gardener volunteers.
  4. Based on the interviews and reference checks, the panel recommends the program rosters and acceptance emails are sent out.

How Much does the training cost?

This year’s class’s cost is $115.  This covers the cost of materials in the class, the Master Gardener Volunteer Student Manual, and light refreshments for the course.

Volunteer Commitment

To become a certified Florida Master Gardener Volunteer, individuals must volunteer for 75 hours in the first year.  There are many different opportunities to get volunteer hours, as mentioned above.  After the initial 75 hours, the amount drops to 35 volunteer hours and 10 educational hours.

Do you have any questions about the Program?

If you have any questions or concerns about the Master Gardener Volunteer Program or Training, please contact Julio Perez at pjulio@ufl.edu or 386-329-0318.



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