Hot? Grow (don’t throw) some shade!

August in Florida can be unbearably hot. Shade in your landscape can make you more comfortable outside and in. When thoughtfully placed in the landscape, you can use trees and even large shrubs to shade windows, patios, pools, etc. A cool shady garden is nicer to visit and shade on your home can lower your cooling bill. Planting trees even helps combat climate change– and that will make you feel cooler too!

What to plant? Use our free web app plant finder tool to find out what would grow well in your yard:

How to plant? Check out these great resources to learn more:

How to plant trees and shrubs video.

How to plant trees and shrubs website.



Posted: August 6, 2021

Category: Home Landscapes
Tags: Garden, Landscape, Plant, Shade, Shade Tree, Shrub, Tree

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