Fishing Capital of the World

Florida is the “Fishing Capital of the World” with more world record fish catches than any other state or country. From an economic perspective, Florida also leads all states in economic impacts for its marine recreational fisheries and has one of the top producing commercial fisheries in the country.

redfishWhether you are bridge fishing, flats fishing, kayak fishing, offshore fishing, or spearfishing, there are ways that you can balance fun, safety, and a conservation ethic. Below are some quick tips.

  • Regulations. Know your regulations and fish within your limits. You can find state and federal regulations online or with some handy mobile apps.
  • Waste not, want not. Fishing is a great way to put a meal on the table. If you want to eat what you catch, be sure to follow safe handling and storage to ensure that you have the freshest and safest meal possible. Check out the mobile “Seafood at Your Fingertips” app from Florida Sea Grant for seafood preparation tips.
  • Catch and Release. You may not always keep what you catch-you may catch undersized fish, protected species or reach your daily limit. In those instances, you want to handle proper dehooking techniques to minimize any negative impacts to the fish. Visit to learn how to help saltwater fish survive.
  • Safe Boating. As always practice safe boating for both personal safety and the protection of our shallow natural resources in Tampa Bay. FWC has a great collection of online resources including safe boating classes.

To learn more, tune in this Monday, November 9th to WMNF radio in Tampa Bay for the Sustainable Living Show from 10am-11am. I will be joined by Jon Butts, WMNF; Emily Muehlstein, Gulf Fisheries Council; and David Rieumont, fishing guide and outdoor writer; to discuss fishing regulations, methods, and the coastal habitats that support our great fisheries. Listen live at 88.5 FM or tune in online.


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Posted: November 6, 2015

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