Oh Deer…

Oh Deer…
This week’s blog was written by guest blogger Lara Miller. Lara Miller is the Pinellas County Natural Resources Extension Agent.

Tired of planting trees, shrubs, vines and flowers only to find them damaged by deer just days later? Pinellas County is a very urbanized county where human developments have replaced native deer habitats. This in turn limits the availability of natural food preferred by deer. In cases like this, deer adapt by feeding on gardens around homes. While fencing and chemical repellents are options for reducing damage by deer, a simpler, less expensive and usually more effective alternative is to landscape your yard with plants that deer do not like to eat.

Deer feed upon a variety of vegetation, but are turned away by certain tastes and digestibility. This preference for certain plants can be altered if deer populations increase in an area forcing them to feed on other vegetation they wouldn’t normally consume.

There are many common garden plants in Florida that are least susceptible to damage by deer. For example, many palms, some holly, several ferns, and certain lilies have been identified as deer-resistant plants. The tables of rarely damaged plants found in the link below may be used to guide planting decisions in areas where damage from deer is likely to be problem. Additional information on Pinellas county natural resources can be obtained through attending educational programs offered by University of Florida Extension Agents. For a list of upcoming programs visit: http://pinellas.ifas.ufl.edu/calendar.shtml

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Source: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/uw137



Posted: May 16, 2012

Category: Wildlife

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