It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

This is a reminder just in case some of you are feeling stressed and think that your task list has gotten too long and the number of days left on the calendar too short. Remember that holidays are times of enjoyment and appreciating the best in our lives. Perhaps today is the day to cross a couple unfinished tasks off the list. Use that time to relax or spend with an old friend or your own family. It is ironic that those who fret about the lack of time often fail to realize that time is one of the best gifts of all to receive.
I know many of the 4-H families are busy right now with holiday preparations and purchases. Did you know that this time of year produces 25% more trash than the rest of the year? While you reduce stress this holiday, also adopt some of these greener practices from Pinellas County Utilities: You may find that going green and reducing stress go hand in hand.


Posted: December 15, 2010

Category: 4-H & Youth

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