Florida Climate Change Action Plans

Mary Campbell, Extension Director and Urban Sustainability Agent

Many communities in Florida have already taken the positive step of developing actions plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions. As we know, these greenhouse gases that come from the burning of fossil fuels for transportation and energy are impacting our environment by changing our atmosphere, which is in turn changing our climate. Scientists now agree with a 90% certainty that these human processes are a contributor to the environmental changes we are now experiencing (warmer atmospheric and ocean temperatures, changes in rainfall, sea level rise, movement of pests and diseases).

Climate Change Action plans usually consist of the following:

1. Calculating the emissions of greenhouse gases (baseline) for a business or operation.
2. Setting a target for reduction of gases.
3. Developing a plan for how that target will be reached.
4. Tracking and monitoring the success of the program.

Here are a few of the action plans that will help Florida reduce greenhouse gas emissions:

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We can all do our part through energy conservation, recycling and other green practices:

Posted: November 12, 2009

Category: Conservation

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