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red date scaleWant to know more about the Red Date Scale?

The host for red date scale is usually restricted to palms of the genus Phoenix and it is named after its preferred host, the date palm, Phoenix dactylifera.
Other reported palm hosts (Miller and Gimpel 2009, Stickney et. al. 1950, Sinacori 1995) include:
Calamus and Daemonorops spp.: rattan palms,
Pandanus sp.,
Phoenix canariensis: Canary Island date palm,
Phoenix reclinata: Senegal date palm,
Phoenix roebelenii: pygmy date palm,
Washingtonia filifera: California fan palm, Washington palm, American cotton palm, desert fan palm. Additionally, red date scale has been reported from Eucalyptus sp. (family Myrtaceae) (Kozár and Drozdják 1998).
For information about control, life cycle, etc. see this new publication:

Posted: June 1, 2009

Category: Home Landscapes, Pests & Disease

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