4-H Apple and Pecan Sale

Sell, sell, sell, apples and pecans is the motto for September! Each club leader should have received their apple and pecan order forms for their members. This fundraiser is not only important to raise needed funds for your club, but it is also the largest fundraiser of the year for the 4-H Foundation. The foundation needs money because they support all of your scholarships to camps, Congress, Legislature, and many other great 4-H activities and events.

The following are some sale tips to get you going:

  • Deliver a letter/flyer to neighbors telling them about the sale. Leave an order form with the letter/flyer so they have time to look over what you are selling. Follow a couple days later to close the sale.
  • If there is a special event in your area, ask if you can set up a table to sell and promote your club at the same time.
  • Spread the word. Ask friends and family to help you sell by asking people they know to buy apples and pecans.
  • Sell to the parents on your sports teams or other youth organization you belong to.
  • Sell to family and friends (Grandma is always good.)
  • Ask your parents to sell at their work (maybe the boss will buy a bushel of apples to share with all his/her employees.
  • Make a pitch or come up with a gimmick to let people know how good the apples taste.
  • Sell to former northerners or snow birds who know just how yummy apples from up north can be.
  • Offer to sell 1/4 bushels (you would have to handle this one yourself) and turn in 1/2 and full bushel orders to the 4-H office.
  • Ask a local supermarket if you can sell outside their store.
  • Ask organizations or churches that you belong to if your information on the sale can be included in their newsletter (timing would have to be just right for this one).

Posted: September 5, 2008

Category: 4-H & Youth

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