Re-Fill ‘Er Up!

bottlesBy James Stevenson, Pinellas County Extension EducatorDo you buy a new car every time yours runs out of gasoline? No? Well, each time many household products run out, you can do the same as with the auto: fill ‘er up. Companies are beginning to offer re-fills for many products. Dishwashing liquid, laundry soap, spices, and many more are offered in packaging which is much less substantial than the original container. Support this technology and hopefully more products will be offered as re-fills. This really is a win-win-win situation. The manufacturer saves money on packaging, passing the savings on to YOU and with less containers heading to the landfill, the planet benefits; one dispenser at a time! Scan the aisles the next time you are shopping. Look for refills for many products. Here’s another tip: you don’t HAVE to put refills in a product-specific container. Be creative! Pinellas County does not have much glass recycling capabilities (yet), so take that wine bottle, wash thoroughly, fill with a sachet of dishwashing liquid, pop a corked, pouring spout on top, and you’ve got a recycle-chic dispenser for the kitchen!

Posted: March 20, 2008

Category: Home Management, Work & Life

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