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The month of February is National Pesticide Safety Education Month. To honor that the blogs this month are highlighting the various people and organizations working in this area. Each state as a Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) that usually works closely with many other agencies as well. The National Pesticide Safety Education Center (NPSEC) seeks to connect these groups together to create the support the states need.

Every state has slightly different rules and slightly different responsibilities for the PSEPs for each state. Some states are well funded via universities or other funding agencies, while other states may have less. Therefore, NPSEC works to make sure that each state can at a minimum work to enhance pesticide safety as best they can. This might be direct funding, connecting to grant opportunities, travel support, and even material development. NPSEC serves to strengthen, improve, and ensure every state can have a vibrant PSEP program.

Additionally, NPSEC works to engage in research exploring how best to educate about pesticide safety. They also work to survey and develop methodologies for gauging the efficacy of these educational activities. This might be helping states evaluate their own programs, evaluating national programs, and even developing materials to help in this effort.

The NPSEC board consists of PSEPS from each region of the country as well as state agencies as well. For more information about the National Pesticide Safety Education Center check out their website and see all the ways they are helping during National Pesticide Safety Education Month

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Posted: February 18, 2022

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