Seasonal Pest Update- Treater trickmaxamis on the move again.

It is that time of year again, when Treater trickmaxamis (commonly known as trick-or-treaters) will be on the move again. This reoccurring seasonal pest is known to clog roadways, making driving conditions difficult. Be sure to use caution when driving at dusk and at night during these pests preferred movement times.These organisms have a complex communication and social structure. Their cryptic and seasonal nature makes them a pest that most people can tolerate for the short time they are searching for food.Treater trickmaxamis is considered an urban pest, but it has been seen in rural areas. To avoid having this pest at your home be sure to follow these precautions.

    • Like many pest species, these are attracted to light. Keep your front porch light turned off (reducing additional forms of light emanating from your residence can be helpful).
    • Treater trickmaxamis is a creature of habit and has preferred food choices. Minimizing chocolate availability and providing feeding deterrents (e.g., school supplies, educational materials, dental hygiene products, and raisins) can, if used over time, reduce visiting populations.


Above: Many people enjoy this seasonal occurrence and choose to provide feeding supplements to this group. If you would like to attract Treater trickmaxamis in large numbers it is best to provide a light source and full sized candy bars. This group is also strongly attracted to carved pumpkins that are illuminated. Please be extra careful on the road this week as Treater trickmaxamis moves in search of food (occasionally singly or en masse). We hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!


Posted: October 30, 2013

Category: Pests & Disease

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