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Featured Creatures in Arabic! نيماتودا الموالح

Photograph by James Kerrigan, University of Florida.

Photograph by Nicholas S. Sekora, University of Florida.

Featured Creatures articles are being translated into Arabic. Here is the first- نيماتودا الموالح

Learn more about the citrus nematode نيماتودا الموالح.

Translation provided by Dr. Diaa El-Ansary, Precision Agriculture Laboratory (PAL), Faculty of Agriculture (El-Shatby) at the University of Alexandria, Egypt. The Featured Creatures Project Coordinator Dr. Gillett-Kaufman met Dr. Diaa in Egypt and formed a partnership agreement while working on an ACDI-VOCA and USAID Farmer-to-Farmer Program with the Egyptian Union of Producers and Exporters of Horticultural Crops (UPHEC).

Authors: Nicholas S. Sekora and William Crow, University of Florida

Available at:

Thanks to Dr. Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman ( ) for her submission of this UF-IFAS Featured Creatures Publication!