Tropical Storm/Hurricane Season and Pest Movement

Photo by REUTERS/Steve Nesius.
Photo by REUTERS/Steve Nesius.

As I’m sure most of you know, Tropical Storm Andrea hit the coast of Florida on Thursday, June 6, 2013 north-northwest of Cedar Key, FL ( ). This was the first Atlantic Tropical Storm for 2013.

Note-this message was originally written last week, but was blocked by the UF SPAM system. As we are in the middle of the storm/hurricane season, I thought it still relevant.

As we enter the tropical storm season, please be reminded that plant diseases and insects can be spread by wind. Check out this UF-IFAS EDIS publication by Dewdney and Graham that cites wind as a means of spreading the bacterium causing citrus canker disease (

If you think you have detected a new invasive species due to wind or rain, remember the following-

1. Your local county extension service is your first line of communication for questions regarding management and detection ( )

2. Local Florida county offices have access to our UF-IFAS DDIS (Distance Diagnostic and Information System) for submitting digital images of concern or unknown specimens (

3. Local Florida county offices and the general public can also utilize the services of our statewide Insect Identification Lab (

4. UF-IFAS has extensive Plant Disease Clinic extension services (, please note that sample processing fees may apply)

Have more information on the spread of invasive species through hurricanes or wind that you would like to share this storm season? E-mail me at to post it on UF-IFAS Pest Alert!


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Posted: June 13, 2013

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