The Value of Community Gardens: Social Impact

Community Gardens and Urban Areas

These days, and especially with the influx of people coming to Florida, intentional green spaces are growing scarcer. Community gardens play a vital role in revitalizing neglected areas and providing green space. This was the case for the previously unused Elsie Logan Memorial Park at the Shady Hills Community Center. This garden replaced an old volleyball court behind the community center on the west side of Pasco County. See the beginnings of Elsie Logan Community Garden here.

Rejuvenating Urban Spaces

By transforming abandoned lots into thriving green spaces, like Elsie Logan, these gardens vitalize urban landscapes. This garden will function to bring the community back to an unused space, where the locals are encouraged to get involved in the community. These gardens serve as a safe meeting space. They also bring life to areas that were previously vacant or forgotten, attracting locals, but pollinators too.

Dr. Whitney Elmore, County Extension Director, said, “At Elsie Logan, our garden is surrounded by pollinator plants, which adds beauty and a fresh, lively atmosphere to a space previously devoid of plants other than utilitarian turf. It’s a beautiful area where citizens can grow their own veggies, connect with nature, and come to learn and appreciate the butterflies, birds, other animals, and plants in a safe, vibrant environment.”


Community gardens are more than just patches of land—they’re places where change happens, and people come together. Community gardens make our society greener, stronger, and more united.

As our world keeps changing, community gardens show us how working together can make a big difference. By planting seeds and looking after the Earth, communities build strong bonds that help them stay strong, even when things get hard. These gardens aren’t just about growing food—they’re about growing resilience and building a better future for everyone.

Supervising agent: Dr. Whitney Elmore County Extension Director, Urban Horticulture Agent, and Master Gardener Coordinator

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Julia Sirchia, Program Assistant at UF/IFAS Extension Pasco County
Posted: May 2, 2024

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