Come and visit our Plant Market 2024! An Event that you don’t want to miss.

Plant Market 2024! 

Several events take place in Osceola Heritage Park throughout the year including the free UF/IFAS Extension Services annual Spring 2024 Planet Market, which runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, February 24, 2024, located at 1921 Kissimmee Valley Lane, Kissimmee, FL 34744

The UF/IFAS Master Gardener Volunteers in Osceola County would like to invite the community to visit the market not only to find the perfect plants and gardening supplies for your home but also to attend some of the workshops and classes that are offered that day. The best part of attending the market is that the Master Gardener Volunteers – who have received training to instruct other gardener enthusiasts – will be available to you to have one-on-one conversations.

This event is to help community find the special plants they are looking for without traveling far. In addition, it is our way to share with the gardeners in the county what we do at Extension Services. The Master Gardener Volunteers started this event years ago selling plants they grew in their gardens, and eventually decided to make it bigger and bring vendors in to sell harder-to-find things like butterfly plants and honey.

During the Plant Market we are offering free classes for the public to learn while shopping for plants at the market. We look forward to seeing you there!


Here is the class schedule:

9:30am – Edible Landscaping by Revival Gardening

Produce vegetables, herbs and fruits in an environmentally friendly way by applying Florida.

Friendly Landscaping principles. Come learn UF/IFAS Extension suggested tips for edible plants on how to conserve water, reduce pesticides and organic fertilizer use!


10:30am – Plants for Pollinators by Jessica Sullivan

Learn which plants will attract Florida’s beautiful pollinators and turn your yard into an oasis for butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees.




11:30am – Foodscaping by Amanda Marek

Foodscaping is the artful combination of edible plants with non-edible ornamental plants in your landscape. Foodscapes can be beautiful, bountiful, and Florida-Friendly providing habitat for wildlife and saving water. Join us as we explore Florida-Friendly edible plants and learn how the Florida-Friendly Landscaping principles can be used to create your own backyard foodscape.


12:30am – Tree Selection, Planting and Establishment by Dana Susman

Learn how choose the best tree for your landscape, plant it correctly, and care for it during the establishment period.


1:30pm – Indoor Plants by Eva Maria Pabon

Indoor Plants can bring extra joy into the house, but it can sometimes be challenging to keep them alive. Learning the basics of care and requirements can help you have beautiful plants in your home. During the class, we will discuss soils, light, humidity, watering, lighting, repotting, fertilizing, and containers.


To reserve your seat at any of these classes and many other you can register visiting out Eventbrite page

Besides to the classes mentioned, we are having fun activities for the younger gardeners, 15 minutes demonstration classes by the Master Gardener Volunteers and the Plant Clinic available for your gardening questions.

We currently have 57 active volunteers that are committed to answer your gardening questions not only at the Plant Market but also in the Plant Clinic, community events and classes. The Plant Clinic is open Monday thru Friday from 9 am until 3pm and is located at 1921 Kissimmee Valley Lane. In addition, you can send your questions to their email

Do you want to learn more about the Master Gardener Volunteer Program, Plant Market or gardening in general? Call our Plant Clinic at 321-697-3000 or email me your questions, my email is




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Posted: February 5, 2024

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