Simple Tips for Mosquito Control

It’s the rainy season here in Central Florida and heavy rainfall can cause puddles and standing water around the yard. Unfortunately, this standing water can provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Not only are mosquitoes pesky pests, but they can transmit deadly diseases such as dengue, west Nile, and zika. Keep yourself and your family safe by following these easy tips for mosquito control at home.


All mosquitoes require water for their eggs to hatch and for the larvae and pupae to grow. Containers around the home that collect standing water provide this habitat for mosquitoes. Regularly survey your yard for sources of standing water. Turn over buckets, pots, wheelbarrows, or anything else with standing water. Check tarps, tires, and boats. Replace bird bath water once a week and remove excess water from planter trays and hanging baskets.


Gutters, drainage ditches, and thick brush can also harbor mosquitoes. In addition to standing water, mosquitoes are attracted to damp humid areas, dark shady areas, and warm temperatures. Clean out your eaves and gutters frequently and remove debris from drainage ditches that prevent water flow. You can also clear out thick brush around your home to increase airflow and limit mosquitoes.


Protect yourself when you’re outside by wearing clothing that covers most of your skin. Use a repellant that contains an EPA-registered active ingredient such as DEET to ensure you are properly protected. Remember, mosquitoes can harbor deadly diseases. Protect yourself and your family and enjoy time outside with fewer mosquito encounters this year.


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Posted: August 9, 2021

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