Creating a Backyard Habitat for Birds

Are you interested in attracting more birds to your backyard? Read on to learn ways to create a backyard habitat that birds will love!

All animals need an environment that meets their needs for survival. Take us humans, for instance. Even we need food, shelter, and water for survival. Birds are no different. Unfortunately, development is causing habitat loss and soon birds will struggle to meet their needs. But the good news is that our backyards can help! We can provide critical habitat for birds in our own backyards. By making a couple small additions to your yard, you can help protect birds and other wildlife.

Add a water source

A simple and effective way to attract birds is by adding a water source in your yard. These can be elaborate, like a pond or waterfall, or simple like a birdbath or water dish. To minimize the risk of mosquitoes, add a small moving water feature such as a dripper or a small fountain.

Provide a diverse landscape

Birds need shelter for coverage and to raise their young. However, different bird species have different preferences for shelter. By providing a variety of groundcover, shrubs, trees, rocks, and logs, all birds can find a home they will love.

Select native plants

Although bird feeders can help supplement a bird’s diet, birds mostly rely on plants and insects for their meals. Think of bird seed as a snack. Native plants are the best choice for providing birds with nuts, seeds, berries, and nectar. Native birds evolved with native plants, so be sure to include them in your backyard habitat. Use the native plant guide at to find native plants that birds will love.

American Beautyberry
What about Bird Feeders?

If you’re interested in supplementing with bird feeders, use the table below and this easy guide to help make your selection and properly care for your feeders. Remember, feeders need to be properly cleaned and maintained. If not, we can be accidentally putting birds at risk for disease or injury and do more harm than good.

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Posted: October 11, 2019

Category: Conservation, Natural Resources, Wildlife
Tags: Backyard, Birding, Birds, Habitat, Landscape, Native Plants

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