Adopt-a-Tree 2024

With 2024 already under way, why not add planting a new tree to your list? Adopt-a-Tree makes it easy. If you are not familiar with Adopt-a-Tree, here is a quick synopsis.

Adopt-a-Tree events seek to give Orange County residents an opportunity to expand their landscape by giving away, or adopting, trees. Trees in the landscape serve several functions, including carbon sequestration, providing habitat for wildlife, providing shading that can potentially reduce home cooling costs, and possibly raising property values. As you can see, a well placed tree in the yard can have a tremendous impact on your life. Adopt-a-Tree takes place about 6 times a year and is located at a different Orange County park every time. This way, we are able to better serve the citizens of Orange County as a whole. Our Adopt-a-Tree events are staffed by our fantastic Master Gardener Volunteers who can help you pick a species of tree if you are unsure. They can also give planting suggestions for a greater chance of establishment.

The species we have for each event will depend on what our great providing nursery has for us. Here are some of the species of trees we have given out in the past:

Past Tree Species:

There are a few rules for anyone interested in “adopting” some trees.

  1. Trees are given out on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. You must provide proof of Orange County residency (drivers license, photo ID, utility bill).
  3. You may receive only two trees per household per year.
  4. Trees may only be planted on private property of Orange County residents.
  5. Trees may not be planted in right-of-ways, retention pond areas, or used to enhance common area property of HOAs or developments.

We hope to see you one of these Saturdays!!



Posted: January 24, 2024

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