SDG Action Week in Review

This past week was Sustainable Development Goals Action & Awareness Week, as designated by The University Global Coalition in partnership with the State University of New York. As the Coalition page states, “the purpose of this week is to promote awareness of the SDGs among students in higher education and inspire them to take action in furtherance of the goals on their campuses and in their local community.”

The One Health Center joined this celebration by promoting all of our activities, projects, and students that work on, and towards achieving, the SDGs. We had a successful week-long celebration on Twitter and Instagram, promoting Circular Health Activities such as Thermostable Vaccines and Antimicrobial Resistance, two published articles by our fellows Tom Smith and Angela Fanelli, and highlighting our past graduate student’s work in our Systems Thinking course.

Dr. Capua joins us to share a few words on this week:

“Thank you all for participating in SDG Action Week and learning about the Center’s various activities and projects. The importance of the Sustainable Development Goals cannot be understated, and as you have seen this past week, the One Health Center uses these goals not only as objectives but as a framework to build our efforts around. Placing the SDGs at the forefront of our courses, we strive to educate the next generation of leaders on the future of sustainability and health.”

For more on the Sustainable Development Goals and the Center’s efforts around them, visit the Circular Health page.



Posted: March 8, 2022

Category: Conservation, Natural Resources
Tags: Capua, Circular Health, Ilaria Capua, One Health, SDG, Sdg Action Week, Sustainable Development Goals

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