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Financial Management Webinars


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Financial Webinars from the University of Florida/IFAS Extension

These webinars are archived on the GoToTraining website.
• Before you click a link, make sure you have Windows Media Player version 9 or above.
• Then click on the link, register with your name and email address. This allows us to see which topics are of greatest interest and plan future webinars.
• The next step is to download a codec file (it’s quick, safe!) Then click on the link again and the webinar will open in your Media Player.
• If you have a need to view on a non-PC & it does not work, contact Lisa Leslie.

Personal Financial Management Apps
There’s an app for that! Tools to help you spend wisely and save more money

Freshman Finances
What Freshmen (and their parents) need to know about college life and their finances

Smart Couponing
To coupon or not to coupon? What you need to know about shopping wisely

Planning Ahead to Meet the Rising Cost of College
Pros and cons of various strategies for managing college costs – pre-paid, 529 plans, and student loans

How to Save $500 a Month
Provides practical, everyday tips to save money on monthly expenses – relatively painless ways to save money on food, utilities, transportation, and financial services

Goal-Based Investing
Learn how to set a financial goal and choose the right investment strategies to help you achieve your goals

Secrets of Smart Car Buying

Three Keys to Successful Saving
Information provided on how to set a SMART goal, write a spending and saving plan, and selecting the right account to match your goal.

Building or Re-Building Your Credit
Understanding credit reports and scores. Steps to evaluate your current credit status and develop a plan to increase your credit score.

Shopping for Installment Loans
Shop for the financing before you fall in love with the vehicle or home. Tips to find the right loan features for you.

Small Steps to Health and Wealth
Take practical steps to improve your health and finances. Learn about the free 6 week Small Steps to Health & Wealth Challenge to help you reach your goals.

Credit: Reports, Scores & More!
Build a Strong Credit History…what are credit reports and scores? What steps can consumers take to build a strong credit history and improve their report/scores?

Annuities 101-
Learn about different types of annuities and questions to consider before purchasing an annuity. Our discussion will include immediate vs. deferred annuities; an overview of fixed, indexed, & variable annuities; fees & charges; and settlement options.

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