Commercial Horticulture

The Okaloosa County Extension Office offers the following programs and information:

Landscape/Pest Control Regulations You need to know (231KB PDF)

Integrated Pest Management Update for Nurseries (342KB PDF)

Right of Way Training and Exam (78KB PDF)

CORE Training and Exam (29KB PDF)

Greenhouse Crop Management (3.26MB PDF)Pruning BMP Skills (4.30MB PDF) Bedding Plants for Florida – Master Gardener Training

Let’s Make A Rainbarrel (232KB PDF)

Pruning (PowerPoint) Selecting & Planting Landscape Trees (PowerPoint) Tree Pests, Insects & Diseases (PowerPoint) Trees & Construction (PowerPoint) Greenhouse Crop Management (PowerPoint)


Posted: February 27, 2012

Category: Horticulture

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