2021 4-H Is Going to the Fair!

The fair is one of the most beloved aspects of most youth’s 4-H story. We know the past year has caused a lot of heartbreak and confusion about how Nassau County 4-H will rejoin its fair showing tradition. Last year thanks to a great Fairboard partnership, an amazing clinician/judge, and resilient agricultural science members we were able to host a virtual showmanship contest! We are happy (and cautiously optimistic) to say… in 2021 we will see you IN the barn again. http://blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/nassauco/files/2017/10/6c7bfb291cc7e6c41dd75105e0630efa.jpg

How do your youth show in the 2021 fair?

Fair point forms will still be required and are due, as always, on August 1st. Download the form: Fair Points Form. Not sure what fair points are or what activities would qualify, click HERE?

We have spoken with the Nassau County 4-H Association and it was voted to extend the fair point leniency policy to require only 2 points to be eligible to show in the 2021 fair. First-time showers and cloverbuds are exempt from any fair point forms.

For 2021, all qualifing 4-H’ers wishing to show animals in the Northeast Florida Fair must acquire 2 eligible fair points between the dates of August 1 2020 and August 1 2021.

At the end of the day fair points should not be an added stress to a 4-H’ers project. Fair points are designed to be easily acquired if the member stays even minimally involved in 4-H throughout the year. Although we strongly believe in the benefits and life skills gained through animal-based projects, we encourage our youth to explore beyond the barn.

Here’s what EVERYONE needs to remember:

  • Youth must be enrolled as a 4-H member at the time of weigh-in for market animals and at the time of agent signature on entry forms
  • Youth must be enrolled as a 4-H member at the time of fair point activities claimed on the form (attendance will be cross-checked with membership information)
  • Youth must be re-enrolled as of September 1, 2021 to show in October
  • One point can be claimed from last year’s market animal completion or participation in the virtual showmanship contest
  • More fair points will be offered virtually and in-person throughout the summer, there should be an abundance to choose from that best suits your individual youth.
  • You CAN submit your last year’s fair record book by JUNE 1st for a point IF you include the appropriate 4-H report
  • We are open to hearing our ideas/opportunities for fair points

We understand that many families chose to wait on re-enrolling for this year due to policies and restrictions, however, there is still time to meet all these requirements easily so that all our members can enjoy the 2021 fair. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Ms. Kelsey!

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Posted: April 14, 2021

Category: 4-H & Youth
Tags: County Fair, Fair, Fair Points, Membership, Nassau County 4-H, Northeast Florida Fair

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