Nassau County Extension January Monthly Report 2021


The University of Florida (UF) administers the Florida Cooperative Extension Service. The Nassau County Extension Service is a partnership between the University of Florida and the county government, providing research-based knowledge and expertise to the public.

The Nassau County Extension provides research-based knowledge in the following 4 Areas:

  1. Family and Consumer Sciences
  2. 4-H Positive Youth Development
  3. Natural Resources and Agriculture
  4. Horticulture

Nassau County Extension Service January 2021 Quick Summary

Total Educational Programs/Activities: 58

Total Participants: 381

Total Educational Publications:12

Total Reach through Educational Publications: 40,124 people

Total Return of Investment (Savings to County): $13,116


The mission of the Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Extension Agent is to bring the educational resources of the University of Florida to the people of Nassau County to improve their quality of in the areas of Health and Nutrition, Aging and Human Development, general Financial Management, and 4-H youth development.

Success Story

  • Coordinated Liberty Landscaping donation of Magnolia trees with the County

Recognitions, Awards, Scholarships, Grants, Certifications

  • UF/IFAS Family and Nutrition Program Grant: $2,000
  • IRS Certification as an Income Tax Intake and Quality Reviewer
  • IRS Certification as a Volunteer Standards of Conduct Exam

Educational Programs/Activities

  • Understanding Medicare: Provided unbiased information to help Medicare-eligible citizens understanding their Medicare Choices. Individual Consultations: 15 participants: 7 from Agent; 8 from Volunteer
  • Food Manager Certification Training and Exam: Per Florida Statute 509.039, all food service managers must receive training by a certified instructor. Taught training via Zoom. Virtual class. 1 participant

Total Programs/Activities: 16

Total Participants: 16

Educational Publications

  • Medicare Fact Sheet 2021: Newsleader, Facebook, Blog). Audience of 10,127
  • 2021 Income Tax Season: Newsleader (Newspaper, Facebook, Blog). Audience of 10,251

Total Publications: 2

Total Reach: 20,378

Interim County Extension Director

  • Conducted UF/IFAS Agent Annual Appraisals:
    • Agents annual work is evaluated based on their scholarly work, of which they create a professional and detailed report: “UF/IFAS Annual Accomplishments (ROA) for 2020.” Reviewed each Agent’s ROA (43 pages) and conducted individual meetings with each Agent, and then completed individualized Agent Annual Appraisals (4 pages). Total 3 Agents
  • Completed 6 Month Appraisal for County Administrative Coordinator
  • Participated in monthly UF/IFAS Northeast District County Extension Director Meeting
  • Conducted Extension Budget review/revisions.
  • Attended 4-H Area North Horse Clinic

Special Activities, Projects, Partnerships

  • Completed UF trainings
    • National Webinar “State of Health Extension System’s Health Initiative”
    • Managing Bias
  • Attended Florida Department of Health Community Health Improvement Plan Meeting
  • Completed UF/IFAS Annual Report on Clientele Contacts for 2020

Service to County Government and University

  • Acting Interim CED
  • Attended monthly BOCC Department Head Meeting
  • Attended BOCC OMB Budget Meeting
  • Aided Nassau County EOC with COVID 19 Vaccination Appointments
  • Attended UF/IFAS CED Meeting
  • Provided support Horticulture Program’s – Master Gardeners: Zoom meeting; Coordinated Bluebird class

Return of Investment (Savings to County): $7,026

  • Volunteer Hours: Total:12 with a value of $326.40 (Independent Sector gathers data and conducts research on volunteerism in the nonprofit sector. The estimated national value of each volunteer hour is currently $27.20).
  • Family Nutrition and Education Grant $2,000
  • Value of 3-100 Gallon Magnolia trees: $3,000
  • Medicare Consults: $1,700 (According to, average hourly healthcare consulting fee: $100)

Upcoming Program Announcements

  • Income Tax Filing Assistance – At No Cost- Appointment Only; contact Meg McAlpine (904)570-5713 to schedule appointment for Yulee or Callahan
  • February 25th – Food Manager’s Certification Class and Exam, as required by Florida Statutes 509.038. Contact Meg McAlpine (904)570-5713

Family Nutrition Program – Program Assistant Denise Cox

  • Total Programs/Activities: 7 (5 Adult Cooking Matters in Your Home classes) (2 YUM classes)

Total Contacts: 52 Children under age 5; 16 Adults between ages 30 -65


The 4-H Agent mission is to provide educational programs for positive youth development and overseeing fundraising, record-keeping, marketing, working with the Nassau County 4-H Association, and ensuring compliance with state and national policies. 4-H Agents recruits, trains, and retains youth and adult volunteers.

Kelsey Irvine

Professional Presentations

  • Florida Association Extension of 4-H Agents: Awards workshop, speaker

Educational Programs/Activities

  • Florida 4-H State Virtual Horse Club: Equine youth education. Facilitated statewide club meeting discussing equine reproductive science from UF professionals. Virtual Group Class. 17 Participants.
  • Nassau County Virtual Hippology meeting, Facilitated meeting. Youth joined for a special conversation about equine genetics with UF expert Dr. Samantha Brooks. Virtual Group Class. 17 Participants
  • 4-H Riding Clinic. A 7-hour clinic designed to help youth set goals and develop showmanship skills. Taught and facilitated. Group Clinic. 15 Participants and 2 Volunteers
  • Annual 4-H Horse Program Orientation. Youth and parents learned about the activities and requirements for the 4-H Horse Program. Taught. Virtual Group Workshop. 25 Participants.
  • Virtual Horse-Riding Challenge. Youth learned how to improve their horse-riding skills. Taught virtual group class. 40 Participants.
  • Coordinated Embryology school enrichment program for: Emma Love Hardee (8 classrooms), Hilliard Elementary (3 classrooms), Bryceville Elementary (1 classroom) and 2 homeschool families. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the program will be taught virtually through the TEAMS platform.
  • Assisted parents, club leaders, schoolteachers, and other volunteers through direct consultations and education. Jan total: 13 consultations.
  • Provided oversight of community club meetings: 4 active clubs reaching 44 youth.

Total Programs/Activities: 23

Total Contacts: 177

Educational Publications

  1. Updated 2 google sites: Nassau County 4-H and the State Wide Virtual Horse Club website
  2. Updated 4 Facebook pages: Nassau County 4-H, Hoofbeats Hippology, Youth Emergency Team, 4-H Intentional Riding Challenge Group
  3. Friday Flyer, digital membership newsletter, 246
  4. 4-H Holiday Celebration, Westside Journal & Record, 14,000

Total Publications: 3 formal, 6 websites

Total Reach: 14,246

Special Activities, Projects, Partnerships

  • Participated in Nassau County Farm Bureau’s Women’s Committee
  • Attended the Youth Development Institute Virtual Conference
  • Attended the FAE4-HA state meeting
  • Led the Northeast District Support Staff Champions Meeting
  • Attended the UF 4-H Environmental Science Committee planning meeting
  • Coordination on a special needs youth’s new dairy goat project with Nassau County Farm Bureau and 4-H volunteers. Presentation ceremony to occur 2/9.

Services to County Government and University

  • Assisted EOC with vaccine coordination efforts

Return of Investment (Savings to County) $2,338.80

  • Agent-led educational efforts or consultations valued at $50/hour. 31 hours= $1,550
  • Volunteer Hours: Total 29 – with a value of $788.80 (Independent Sector gathers data and conducts research on volunteerism in the nonprofit sector. The estimated national value of each volunteer hour is currently $27.20).

Upcoming Program Announcements

Ted Karsch

Recognitions, Awards, Scholarships, Grants, Certifications

  • Received a 4-H grant for $900.00 for the implementation of a county-wide 4-H public speaking competition that will involve over 600 4th through 6th-grade students in the Nassau County School system

Educational Programs/Activities

  • International 4-H Club Exchange. Nassau County 4-H Meets St. Mary’s 4-H Club International of Dominica. This was a virtual, web-based exchange between the Nassau County 4-H Club and the largest 4-H club of Dominica. The event lasted an hour and a half and included presentations prepared by our 4-H youth about our county program. It included presentations prepared by the 4-H Club of Dominica in the Caribbean. Virtual Group event. 26 Participants
  • 4-H Life Skills for America’s Youth (afterschool program). Programs were conducted on 01/07, 01/14, 01/28. Youth are taught life skills, communication, and leadership through a variety of activities and 4-H curriculum. In-Person Group event. 18 Participants
  • Youth Leadership Nassau: This is an eight-hour virtual seminar that meets once a month with 30 youths in grades 10 and 11 from Nassau County. I organize, facilitate and teach students about leadership and arrange for them to meet with prominent business and government leaders to learn about leadership. Virtual Group Seminar. 30 Participants.
  • Nassau County 4-H Council. I oversee the council, facilitate, and teach. This group meets once a month to learn leadership and communication skills by managing 4-H events in Nassau County. Participants are elected to officer roles, and they run all meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order. 10 Participants.

Total Programs/Activities: 4 Programs, 6 Activities

Total Contacts: 84

Special Activities, Projects, Partnerships

  • 4-H was the partial recipient of a Department of Education grant to assist with the planning and implementation of a 4-H Entrepreneurship Camp this summer. $7,200 have been earmarked from the grant specifically for this camp.

Return of Investment (Savings to County) $3,751.20

  • Volunteer Hours: Total :46 with a value of $1,251.20 (Independent Sector gathers data and conducts research on volunteerism in the nonprofit sector. The estimated national valueof each volunteer hour is currently $27.20).
  • Grants $900
  • Agent led educational efforts valued at $50/hour: 32 hours= $1,600


The Natural Resource and Agriculture Agent mission is to provide educational programs that promote natural resources and agriculture, such as promoting oyster restoration practices, invasive species management, best management practices for farms, Florida Master Naturalist Program.

Educational Programs/Activities

  • Hike with a Naturalist, partnership with Duval Audubon, educational hike for the Northeast Florida Master Naturalist (FMNP) friends group. In-person field day. 10 participants
  • Florida Master Naturalist Program, Conservation Science Special Topic Module. Taught Wildlife Conservation. Zoom Class. 26

Total Programs/Activities: 2

Total Contacts: 36

Educational Publications

  • Dacey, J. 2021. “Harvest Your Own Florida Oysters.” Northeast Florida Farm and Ranch Newsletter
  • Dacey, J. 2021. “Engaging communities using a demonstration living shoreline and citizen science.” Abstract, ANREP
  • Dacey, J. 2021. “Harvest Your Own Florida Oysters.” blog, UF/IFAS Nassau County website
  • Dacey, J. 2021. “Invasive Species Removal.” blog, UF/IFAS Nassau County website
  • Dacey, J. & Washburn, A. 2021. “Invasive Species Removal.” flyer, sent via email
  • Dacey, J. & Washburn, A. 2021. “Asparagus Fern.” factsheet

Total Publications: 5

Total Reach: 5,500



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