Our Volunteers Rock: Paula Sellek

The month of April is Florida 4-H Volunteer appreciation month! We are using this time to thank four of our exceptional volunteers that enable us to inspire and educate the youth of Nassau County.

Nassau County 4-H is blessed to have so, so many volunteers that it truly is incredibly difficult choosing only 4 to highlight in April. However, our next volunteer has dedicated countless hours to managing and improving our Youth Emergency Team.

Paula Sellek is a woman with vision, passion, and dedication. When she stepped up to co-manage the Youth Emergency Team in 2018 she did so with a vigor that translated over into our graduates. Paula was organized, positive, and ready for each planning meeting, class, or event. YET is a program that requires several hours of planning and long nights/weekends. Paula organized materials, instructors, and innovative ways to make each cadre better. She even volunteered to play a dangerous barking “dog” for the final drill.

However, what made her truly invaluable was the level of passion she had for the YETies. She worked with each youth as their own person and cherished the moments of self-growth. She is constantly thinking about how to make the program better for them. Paula has become an invaluable member of our YETie family.

Thank you for being an awesome volunteer.

You Rock, Paula!



Posted: April 9, 2020

Category: 4-H & Youth, Clubs & Volunteers
Tags: 4-H, Appreciation, Volunteer, YET, Youth Emergency Team

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