National 4-H Week 2018

4-H reaches roughly 6 million young people across the country. We celebrate this amazing program from sea to shining sea during National 4-H Week. We encourage all 4-H members and volunteers to take this week to reflect on the impacts and opportunities enjoyed through this program.4-H logo through history4-H started in farms and now it is everywhere with a wide breadth of subjects. Florida’s 4-H began in 1909 in northern counties including Suwanee, Columbia, Gaston, and Madison. Boys were in “corn clubs” and girls participated in “tomato or canning clubs”. Camping began in Timpoochee in 1926, State Wide programs expanded and leadership was solidified at the University of Florida’s IFAS.

historical 4-H boys with poultry4-H girls statewide group

4-H has been around for over 100 years and in that time scientific research has concluded that 4-H’ers are:infographic-at-a-glance-urban-suburban-rural Nearly 6 million participants

  • 4x more likely to contribute to their communities
  • 2x more likely to make healthier life choices
  • 2x more likely to choose STEM related activities outside of school
  • Report better grades in school
  • Improve their public speaking and communication skills

In Florida alone, 4-H reaches over 200,000 youth with help from over 11,000 volunteers!

So let’s celebrate!

This week we will be posting on our Facebook several opportunities to share how Nassau County 4-H has impacted you.

Here’s what to look out for!Giving back

  • 10/8: Club leader highlights! Share some stories about the amazing club leaders and volunteers in your life
  • 10/9: How does 4-H fit in your family?
  • 10/12: What are your favorite community service projects?
  • 10/13: 4-H photo free-for-all!



We hope this week you are filled with pride knowing you are members of a fun, impactful, historical, and innovative youth organization.


Posted: October 5, 2018

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